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Instagram Guide 2017:From Beginner To Expert

 Instagram Guide 2017:From Beginner To Expert


This course is a Complete Guide of Instagram from the very start of Instagram to becoming aProfessional instagrammer that earns money.

This course will enable you to learn about:

Making Instagram account(personal & business).

Customization of your Bio

2.Linked Accounts:

How to link your Instagram account with other social networks.
Importance of linked accounts.


Content that will get you great followers and make you popular among Instagram users.
Types of content.
How to post the content.
Content related to your business and the ratio of posting it on Instagram.
How to generate great content from different apps.
How to share your content on your linked accounts.

4.Getting Followers:

How to get non-stop followers on both your personal and business profile.
How you can get business leads from the followers.


Importance of hashtags.
Use of hashtags and how to find your niche using hashtags.

6.Engagement & Marketing:

How to engage your followers.
Rules of engagement.
How to use them for marketing.
Marketing strategies.
Growing your business through engaging activities.
How to capture leads.
Topic discussion about your products for better marketing.

7.Hiring and Earning:

Building a relationship with your followers.
Motivation for marketing.
How to start hiring people that will work and market for you through Instagram.
How to start making money from Instagram.

Who is the target audience?

Students who want to learn about instagram
Students who want to learn marketing on instagram
Students who want to earn from instagram


Students Who Are Interested In Online Marketing
Instagram Users Of Every Level
Anyone Willing To Learn About Instagram

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