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The Complete Guide to Build RESTful APIs 2018

The RESTful APIs is a tutorial for quick, scalable, and secure RESTful services with Node, Express and MongoDB, from start up to production. Node.js, or Node, is an executable environment for executing javascript code outside of the browser, which is suitable for building and scalable services and empowers your client (web or mobile) programs. Node for rapid prototyping and development, as well as extremely fast and highly scalable applications. Companies like Uber and PayPal generate programs using the Node, because they require fewer people and less code. In addition, Node has the largest open source library ecosystem, so it's not necessary to build everything from scratch.

Node.js Course Feature: The Complete Guide to Build RESTful APIs:

  • Complete handling of errors and logs
  • Use the best Node.js practices
  • Create a backend for web and mobile apps
  • 15 hours HD movie, complete with exercises and solutions
  • Implement Authentication / Authorization Authentication
  • Applying best practices for building fast, scalable and secure applications

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